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We create modern, stylish and responsive sites.


Aroga4Hope is a WordPress based web application serving as an information and messaging hub for networkers involved in ArogaLife – a nutrition supplement company. Aroga4Hope has a calendar of events to track company events and speakers globally, a newsletter signup incorporating ElegantThemes Bloom application, and a custom email delivery and tracking system.

Project Features

check Custom email and deliverability metrics

check WordPress Platform

check Bloom application for newsletter metrics

check Global event calendar

check Zoho CRM integration

Reliable Storm Shelters

ReliableStormShelters needed a website overhaul. The site they had was functional, but needed updated. Their chief request was to have a place to refer clients with pictures and lots of information, but to also generate new clients through SEO and web marketing. We created a user-friendly, clean, and super easy to understand website for ReliableStormShelters. Their new website is managed through the gold standard content management system, WordPress.

Project Features

check Fresh, modern design

check WordPress CMS

check Responsive design for all devices

check Graphic design and web development

check Yoast Search Engine Optimization


LifetimeAnalysis is a unique SaaS (software as a service) allowing my client to conduct health and wellness consultations under two principle billing models: one time payments or recurring monthly billing. Built on WordPress, this highly customized platform combines user information, cutting edge medical databases, pharmacological input and generates beautiful downloadable reports full of custom graphics, charts and easy to understand medical information.

Project Features

check Custom report generation

check Generate secure, password protected PDFs

check Responsive – looks great on all devices

check Stripe payment gateway

check Zoho CRM integration

check FreshBooks accounting software integration

Yaesu System Fusion

Yaesu System Fusion is a multi-purpose web application. It servers as a website, but also a customer portal that offers a support forum for their devoted users, a custom created FAQ section allowing users to post questions and have them permenantly displayed on the website, and unique customer order-tracking system developed from scratch.

Yaesu System Fusion is based on WordPress, but customized to fit this particular customer’s needs.

Project Features

check Custom order-tracking system

check Email notifications throughout order process

check Customer submitted FAQ section

check Extensive use of custom post types

check Responsive design for all devices

check Custom graphics and images


KBOpportunity provides our client with a unique platform for information distribution and education. We created this Internet entrepreneur a website with a great customer facing experience, but also back office functionality allowing him to quickly notify his customer base of meetings, events, and conference calling through Twilio text message notification or group emailing via SendGrid’s powerful email API.

Project Features

check Looks great on all devices

check Custom Twilio API integration

check SendGrid API integration

check Scheduled email group delivery

check Email event notification

check Custom graphics


ChiroBalancing needed a full fledged SaaS (software as a system) developed to support a global chiropractic network. Each chiropractor member has a unique “member” area where patient data is stored with 128-bit encryption. We’ve created some unique tools enabling members to offer state-of-the-art health care to their patients. ChiroBalancing generates medical based, easy to interpret reports that can be securely downloaded, emailed (using encryption algorithms) and an exhaustive archive of member events.

Project Features

check Secure content and member’s area

check Stripe payment gateway integration

check GravityForms integration

check Responsive – look good on all devices

check Scheduled email delivery

check Twilio, Stripe and SendGrid API integration

check Extensive custom programming


After spending over 50 years as a practicing physician, Dr. Marvin needed a website to focus his creative supplement business venture.  We created a modern, fully responsive website for our client.  We’ve incorporated videos, calendars, a contact form so they could request more information, and links to his sign up and eCommerce forms on a 3rd party website.

Project Features

check Information based website

check Visually striking color contrast

check Responsive – look good on all devices

check WordPress based website

check Image galleries, email forms, event calendar


Our client couldn’t find an answer to a huge marketing dilemma they were experiencing, so we jumped aboard and created a unique content delivery platform that not only perfectly solved their initial problem, it created a very profitable revenue stream for our client!  This membership site includes PayPal Pro recurring billing, 128-bit encryption and SSL, and a custom content delivery dashboard and tracking metrics.  There is tons of custom code in this project – custom membership functionality, email & PDF delivery functionality, video streaming, email open, click and tracking metrics, all sorts of nerdy stuff.

Project Features

check Custom content delivery platform

check Custom email open & click tracking metrics

check Real-time delivery metrics

check Event driven text message  notification

check Video streaming and PDF viewing

check Membership with recurring billing

check 128-bit security encryption

check SSL eCommerce integration


BalancingMeds is blazing the way in a new niche in the health & wellness industry. This informative website aims to educate consumers regarding the perils of prescription and over-the-counter medication.  Our client needed a fresh, modern look, a quick yet easy way to add content, and a lot of custom coding to build a network of providers while integrating membership data from a 3rd party website.

Project Features

check Responsive design for all devices

check Custom Google mapping functions

check Sign up newsletter & autoresponders

check Third party data integration

check Custom graphics

check Custom coding


RemoveTheVeil was looking for a modern, up-to-date website and blog platform that was easy to use and manage. They wanted their new site to be a valuable tool for daily readers, providing searchable, easy to access information. We created a user-friendly, clean, and approachable website for RemoveTheVeil. Their new website is managed through the gold standard content management system, WordPress.

Project Features

check Responsive design for all devices

check Newsletter with autoresponders

check Custom Chat-Roll integration

check WordPress CMS

check Custom graphics


StopCellDamage provides our client with a website to not only educate her customer base, but funnels prospective clients into her ‘network’ before a sale is made.  All of the “call to action” buttons (or Purchase Now! buttons) enable her customers to purchase product from the parent company, but under her sales and distribution umbrella.

Project Features

check Responsive web design

check eCommerce within site umbrella

check Custom graphics

check Wordpress CMS


Our client needed a minimal website to quickly and accurately explain his business, but needed a way to update content himself.  We utilized WordPress to create a website that looks great on all devices, lets our client’s customers contact them via a built in web form, and is very easy to update.  Seriously.  After less than an hour, our client was making updates to this site himself.

Project Features

check Responsive design

check Custom graphics

check Wordpress CMS

check Integrated contact form

check Google mapping functionality

ConfabLab LLC

Our diversified client needed a minimal web presence to point potential customers to.  Simply put, they needed a website with a home page and contact page.  We chose WordPress to provide a platform to easily expand their online presence, and incorporated a GravityForms contact form allowing their customers a simple, yet effective way to get in touch.

Project Features

check Minimal website design

check Incorporated contact form

check WordPress CMS

check Custom graphics

check Responsive design

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